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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH February Board Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2012

 February 28th, 2012 at 2:13AM
The LLHH Board of directors met  the VFW Northenders on Thursday February 2, 2012.  The following members were in attendance Gary Wells - President, Janet Shures - Treasurer, Dave Ryan Vice-President,  Jeff Rocco, Dan Wellman & Joe Saucier, - SHG, Tim Dixon - GHS,  Doug Nelson SHS.   Carrie Kmoch Champaign with the Decatur organization not represented at the meeting.
Gary opened the meeting at 6:42. He asked for a motion to accept the minutes which had been posted on the website. A motion was made by Doug and seconded by Janet and passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary then asked Janet for a treasurer's  report.  Janet reported the following balances - Hickory Point $1401, Money Market Fund $22,441 and checking account of $25,910. Collectively this was a balance of $49,752.
Under old business, Gary discussed some web site issues and scoring.  Gary discussed some possible solutions. Tim Dixon said the matter of web site and scoring changes shoud be tabled until the end of season. 
The LLHH All Star Game will be February 17, 2012 7 pm to 9 pm.  Goalies will be chosen for the game will be chosen by stats posted on the web site.
Gary then asked for report from the disciplianry committe.  Dave Ryan reported the committee's recomendations were
  • An additional 2 game suspension Decatur Coach Olsen; the matter on Coach Olsen was a motion was made by Doug and seconded by Jeff and passed on a unanimous voice vote.  
  • 1 additional game suspension, removing the FB post in question and posting an apologie, for Coach Shures;  the matter on Coach Shures was a  motion was made by Doug and seconded by Carrie and passed on a unanimous voice vote. 
  • 1 additional game suspension for player Mason Ralph; the matter on Mason Ralph  was a motion was made by Carrie and seconded by Doug and passed on a unanimous voice vote.
  • For Mr. Miacco he will be not allowed to attend the next GHS game on 2/3 at the Nelson Center. The matter on Mr. Miacco  was a motion made by Doug and seconded by Dave and passed on a 4-3 vote,  with Wells, Ryan, Champaign, and SHS voting yes and Chatham, SHG and Shures voting no.
Gary then review the playoffs.  Team 3 wiil play 6, team 4 will play 5.  Then the lowest seed will play #1 and the higher seed will play the lowest seed.  Then the winner of the last two games will play each other for the championship game.  Playoff will  run 2/20 through 2/24. 
The meeting was closed at 8:30 pm  The next LLHH Board Meeting will be Thursday March 1, 2012.

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