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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2012

LLHH  August 9th, 2012 at 12:15AM
The LLHH Board of Director met on Thursday July 12, 2012 at the VFW Northenders. Those in attendance were President Gary Wells, Vice President, Dave Ryan, Treasurer Janet Shures, Frank Earl, Jennifer Yborra - Decatur, Tim Dixon Chatham, Doug Nelson Springfield.  Dan Wellman from SH-G was not in attendance.
Gary opened the meeting by asking for the approval of the  minutes. This motion was made by Doug and seconded by Tim and passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary asked for Treaurer's report. Janet reported the following balance
$11,581   HCU        Checking
$22,473 HCU        MMF
$        5 HCU        Savings
$ 2,885                    Hickory Point
$36,944 TOTAL   All Accounts
Under old business Gary discussed the status of the league. He felt that as things stand now, it would be one team from Champaign and Decatur, and then two or perhaps three teams from Springfield.  Gary expressed concern that the Springfield area would have two one teams. Decatur said they thought they might be fielding two teams.  Gary discussed his long-term concerns for the viability of the league. 
Dave suggested that board members contemplate what could we do to promote interest in players who have not played before, and spending some of the leagues reserves to help re-build the league.
Under new club reps Gary asked if there would be any new club reps.
Under new business, Gary said he thought the league would refund back the same as last year ($500).  After some discussion a motion was made to make the rebate $800 to the each team that participated in the league last year and that would be returning in the fall of 2012..   A motion to do this was made by Tim and seconded  by Dave.  The motion passed on a voice vote.
Gary then discussed a meeting he had had with the Springfield Jr. Blues new head coach.  He said they talked about housing players and doing some training camps.  He said the would love support from LLHH and their families. Gary discussed LLLHH contemplating purchasing 4 season tickets to the Springfield Junior Blues.  Gary said the board would contemplate this at the next meeting.  
Lastly Gary discussed ice in Decatur and Champaign and the possibility of playing more games in Decatur this season.
At the end of the Dave Ryan thanked Doug Nelson for this five years and wished him well. The meeting closed at 7:30 PM.

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