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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

L.L.H.H. Board Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2010 (December Meeting)

 December 1st, 2010 at 3:29AM
The LLHH Board of Directors met at the VFW Northenders on Tuesday November 30, 2010. Those in attendance were: Tim Dixon  GHS,  Doug Nelson SHS,  Jeff Rocco SHG, Wayne Shures and Shannon Elliot Rochester,  Janet Shures Treasurer ,  Dave RyanVice President,  Gary Wells  President,  Terri Weems Champaign and Jennifer Yborra. Decatur 
Gary called the meeting to order at 6:36.  Gary asked for approval oF the minutes of the previous meeting. That motion was made by Terri Weems and seconded by Janet Shures.  The measure passed unanimously.  Gary asked for a treasurer’s report.  Janet said she did not have a bank statement yet. Janet did report on the gate receipts for the first two evenings.  A motion to approve was made by Wayne Shures and seconded by Terri Weems.  The motion passed unanimously.
Under the first matter of old business Gary discussed inter-league play saying that things went pretty well the first evening.  Gary asked club representative to try and get more faculty and administrators involved and attending the games.  Gary asked if there were any concerns.  None were raised.
Discussing the “Final” schedule Gary asked that ANY changes that need to be made, be made through the league and not between coaches and teams.
The next item was playoffs.  Gary said that the last meeting play off dates had been changed and they now stand as this:  2/9 Wed (5 vs 6 @ 7PM) (3 vs 4 @ 8:30), 2/14 Mon (2 games), Championship 2/16 Wed @ 7PM.
The next item discussed was practice times.  Gary said some of them had been doubled up.
The next item discussed was the web site, . Gary said the teams all needed to make sure pictures were uploaded to the web.  Gary also asked the clubs to finalize information on the rosters for the program.
Jeff was seeking hardship approval for two players on the SH-G team. Jeff explained the situation about the players and asked for the board’s consideration on this matter. This motion was made by Terri and seconded by Doug.  The measure passed unanimously.   Doug had a couple of issues from his team at SHS.  Doug explained the situation of a player, who had played in previous years, but did not sign up this year due to family reasons.  Doug said he would like to put him on the roster now, if possible. Champaign has one player to add to the roster as well.  The board discussed this and then entertained a motion to allow SHS and Champaign to submit a supplemental roster and add the players.  The motion was made by Dave Ryan and seconded by Terri Weems.  The motion passed unanimously.
The last item Gary said he wanted to discuss was this. A team’s coach is a coach, no matter where he or observes the game from, and his conduct should be that of a coach. Gary said that all of the coaches need to be aware of this even if they are on the bench.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

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