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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH BOARD MEETING MINUTES - November 19th, 2015

 November 23rd, 2015 at 8:54AM  November 23rd, 2015 5:02PM

The LLHH Board - November 19, 2015

Present: Jeff Brown, David Hay, Ted Tracy, Steve Shultz, Dan Wellman, Heather Dhom, Steve Shepard, Nikki Cowan






Meeting called to order at 6:33 p.m.

Ted Tracy led off with the Treasurer's Report to first discuss whether the rebates that were passed at a previous meeting were feasible.  Projected costs and expenditures were actually feasible.  The league expects have a balanced budget for the season but it was decided that rebates of previous season gate receipts back to the teams would need to be postponed for the time being.  All clubs present indicated that they will be financially stable until this might be changed at a later date.

A motion to rescind the previously passed team rebates of $400 was made by Wellman and Seconded by Tracy.  Vote to rescind was unanimous.

Tracy proposed and distributed a form for gate receipts that was accepted by the Board and will be used at all games.  Discussion regarding a reduced entry fee for Senior Citizens of $2.00 was discussed.  Hay made a motion, seconded by Schultz to allow Seniors to enter at the $2.00 student rate.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Discussion of additional schedule changes:  Champaign home games at the University of Illinois will have to be changed to 6:15 as the university changed the original ice times on the Champaign club.  Also the 12/22 game between SHG and Bloomington needed changed on the schedule to 7:30.

Hay raised an issue regarding the scheduling of the games on December 11th.  SHG is scheduled to play Glenwood on that night but it is the same night as the two schools play in Varsity Basketball.  Wellman said he would look into alternate dates.

A new announcer for games has been found.  It is Glenwood student Michael Hardwick.  The Board determined that he would be offered the position and offered an opportunity also score the games.  Hardwick will be paid $15 per night to announce and run the game music.  He will be paid $25 if he is able to also score the game or get someone to join him for that duty.

Discussion began on the scheduling of referees. Previously the scheduler had been paid $15 per game to schedule the referees.  The SYHA pays $5 per game.  Brown made a motion, seconded by Dhom to reduce the rate to $5.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Brown brought up the issue of some positions that are required by AHAI and some of the names are clearly outdated for the league.  Brown will send the list to all to try to fill and get more people involved.

Tracy brought up the idea that with all the turnover on the Board this year that some type of ":Continuity Binder" might help for the future as members continue to change.  Tracy will send out a request to define member's roles.

the LLHH Inclement Weather Policy was discussed.  Future decisions to cancel or postpone games will be made between the two Head Coaches of the teams involved with consultation with the League President.  If the two teams are in disagreement the President will determine the course of action.  A motion to follow this plan was made by Tracy and seconded by Cowan.  Passed unanimously.

Meeting was dismissed at 7:55 p.m.


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