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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board of Directors Meeting

Feb. 5, 2015

 March 12th, 2015 at 4:45PM  March 12th, 2015 10:20PM

The LLHH Board of Directors February meeting 2/5/2015.  Present were President Gary Wells, Steve Schulz-Bloomington, Shane Brilley-Decatur, Heather Dhom-Springfield, Dan Wellman-Sacred Heart Griffin.  The meeting was called to order at 6:40PM.  Gary asked for a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they had been posted on the website.  Motion made by Shane and seconded by Heather.  Motion passed.  No Treasurers report was available

Under old business Gary asked for the eligibility rosters for all the Clubs.  If any player is below the 50% of regular season games that was to be voted on to allow the player to be eligible for the playoff and or All Star game.  

Steve Schulz of Bloomington motioned the following players be allowed to participate due to injury.

Colin Cottingham and Chase Stevens.  Motion seconded by Dan.  Motion passed.

Shane Brilley of Decatur motioned the following players be allow to participate due to illness.

Cameron Preston.  Motion seconded by Steve.  Motion passed.  Heather Dhom of Springfield motioned the following player Logan Tulipana be allowed to participate due to the number of players forced Logan to not make the required games.  Motion seconded by Dan.  Motion passed.

Next discussed was if there were any weather cancellations of remaining regular season games and how that would affect the schedule.

The All Star players from Glenwood were needed for the program and the pairing of the Clubs for the Maroon and Gold Team.  The pairings would be divided by the first and second place team with the other Clubs and the Decatur players would be divided with 3 players on the Gold and 3 players on the Maroon teams in order to make the teams equal.

All Star program was discussed and the information on the players needed to be sent to Dan.

The discussion then turned to the Playoffs.  Gary Advised the same rules would be used as in the last two season.  Gary read off the rules and that the play in game on Wed the 18th would be used to determine the final 4 teams with the winners moving on to the Championship game.

New Business

Senior nights was discussed and Clubs were advised to contact the rink to inform them of the need for the runner for the parents to come onto the ice.

Discussion then turned to how players are divided among teams.  The result was that the non Springfield area Clubs need to make sure that the players they are using are not in an area that another Club is taking players from.  There needs to be communication between the Clubs as to the players they are rostering.

Heather made a motion to make a new award to be known as the Adam Cheung Award and that it would be presented to the regular season scoring champion and it would be presented at the All Star game.  The motion was seconded by Dan.  Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn made by Shane and seconded by Heather.  Motion passed.





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