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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board of Directors Meeting

January 8, 2015

LLHH  February 2nd, 2015 at 2:04PM  February 2nd, 2015 11:04PM

The LLHH Board of Directors January meeting was held on 1/8/15.  Present were President Gary Wells, Steve Schulz-Bloomington, Dan Wellman-SHG, Deanna Sullivan-SHS, Shane Brilley-Decatur and Ted Tracy-GHS.  Meeting called to order at 6:40PM.  Gary asked for a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they had been posted on the LLHH website.  Motion made by Dan and 2nd by Steve.  Motion passed.  For the Treasurers report Gary read a prepared statement by Toni Clark stating the the checking account had $8697.66 in the account.  Motion to accept the Treasurers report made by Deanna and 2nd by Shane.  Motion passed.

Under Old Business the Springfield Clubs Developmental practices was discussed.  The Springfield Clubs thought the practices were beneficial to the teams.  Gary advised the practices would continue until the numbers dropped below 10 players.  Also Gary advised as has been past practice that all Springfield team practices would end once the playoffs began which would be Feb. 18th unless game cancellations force dates to be moved back.

Stats.  Gary advised that the 3 star selection are made by a program in the LLHH website.  The website administrator will be contacted to see if the parameters for choosing the star could be changed or not.  Also Gary advised that teams need to appoint a parent of student to check their teams stats for corrections and if any corrections need to be made they can be made at the end of their game.  

Game Cancellations.  Gary advised all Clubs that the League reschedules games due to bad weather.  As being part of a League teams should have enough respect for the other team to a least make a attempt unless the weather is obviously to risky to travel or that they have made an attempt but were not able to travel when the conditions are questionable.

New Business.  All Star game.  The All star game is scheduled for the 27th of Feb. at the Nelson Center.  Gary advised that 5 players would be picked by each team for the Gold and Maroon teams. Shane suggested that the number of players be 6 from each team as then the teams could be divided evenly.  This was done.  Gary advised that one of the teams 6 players would be split in half so as to make 15 players for each team.  Gary advised Clubs to picked their players based on that the players are All Stars for their team and not for the League.  This enable players to be picked that may not have the stats to back up their being picked as All Stars but because of their contributions to their team they are All Stars for that Club.  The combination of the players and the team that is split up for the Gold and Maroon team will be picked by the League as will the goalies, so as to try and make each team competitive for the game.

Rosters of each Club with the numbers of games each player on their roster has participated in will be turned in at the 2/5/15 meeting.  As per rules each Club must verify their players are eligible for the Playoffs and All Star game and follow the procedure in the LLHH rules.

Playoffs.  The first game will held on Feb. 18th unless regular season games have to be moved back. At the end of the regular season games the 4th place team will host the 5th place team with the winner moving on to the next round.  On the 23rd the 1st place will will host the winner of the Feb.18th game and the 2nd place team will host the 3rd place team.  The winners will vie for the Lincoln Land Cup on the 25th.

Motion made to adjourn by Dan, 2nd by Steve.  Motion passed.

Jan. 28th a motion by electronic media was made by Heather Dhom and 2nd by Toni Clark that would donate the gate of one of the SHS games to the Adam Cheung family on the passing of former LLHH player Adam Cheung.  The motion passed for $200.00 to be donated.  The donation was made in LLHH's name at the 1/31/15 Adam Cheung benefit game. 


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