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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH January Board Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2014

 January 31st, 2014 at 12:57AM  January 31st, 2014 1:04AM

The LLHH board met at 6:30 PM on January 23, 2014 at the VFW Northenders. Gary Wells - President, Steve Schulz - Bloomington, Dave Ryan Vice-President, Dan Wellman SHG,  Ted Tracy - Treasurer, Shauna Hayes (GHS), Heather Dhom and Deanna Sullivan (SHS); missing were Carrie Kmoch Champaign, and Frank Earl from Decatur.  
Gary asked for a motion to approve the minutes which were posted today.  The motion was made by Dan seconded by Heather and passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary then asked Tracy for a treasurer's report. Tracy ran through his reports and ran down the the items and discussed the matter in detail. A cash balance or $35,514.70 was reported.   This was followed motion to approve the report by Dan and seconded by Steve.  The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary then reviewed some schedule changes. All of the team reps acknowledged the changes.
On the subject of coaches Gary said some coaches have not yet been approved by the board.  He went on to say that some of the coaches were not properly certified according to AHIA.  Gary said that coaches could be removed from the bench by AHIA if they choose to exercise this option.   In closing  Gary asked for a motion to approve the following list of coaches, Brett Chairo, Joe Saucier, Tim Lyons, Fred Coombe, Thomas Paprocki (SHG) - Decatur Brian Oyler, Daniel Street, Jerod Detrick-(Decatur), David Charney Ken Hlinka (Champaign). A motion was made by Dan and seconed by Heather. It passed on a unanimous voice.
Gary said there was an issue with a previous player in the locker room.  There had been an issue with this.  Gary proposed a rule change for next year and implored team reps to remain vigilent on this matter.
The board then reviewed dates for senior nights.
Springfield 2/10   Glenwoood 2/12   SHG 2/19
Gary remarked he did not know what the Decatur and Champaign were going to do for senior night activities.
Under new business Gary reminded the board that Off ice officials are to assist the on-ice officials.  Gary reiterated LLHH plays 1:20 minute game.  Games are to end the same way with the clock to be set to 2:00 inside 1:15 minutes of playing time.
Gary said the playoffs are scheduled to start on the last Friday in February  2/28 and the following Monday 3/3 and Wednesday 3/5 March.  Gary reviewed the playoff rules, and said he would email them out to team representatives.
Tenative plans call for the all-star game to be on 3/7/14. Accordingly, Gary asked team rep to get the all-star names to him ASAP but no later than the day before the next board meeting.
Dave Ryan presented a bill of internet service from July to Novemeber.  The board authorized reimbursement of $136.63 on a motion made by Dan, seconded by Heather. The measure passed on a unanimous voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm

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