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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2013

 October 3rd, 2013 at 1:16AM
Board Members in attendance...Carrie, Gary, Heather,  Dave and  Chris (Wellman)
The March Minutes approved on a voice vote made by Heather and seconded by Chris.
Gary reported the following bank balances.. 
$   8426.80   Checking
$ 22531.33   Market
$    2892.64  Hickory Point
Over $1100 from Decatur- will be brought by Frank Earl as he was ill.
The  treasurer's report was approve on a motion made by Carrie and seconded by Dave
Gary spoke to the issue of elections.  Gary,  Dave and Janet have been volunteers  - as President, Vice President and Treasurer.  Gary said we need a treasurer from one of the clubs.  
It looked like the league would consist of teams from SHG, SHS and Glenwood, one team from Decatur, Champaign.  At the most there will be five teams and at the least four teams.
All teams need a registrar. Registration meeting and Bloomington
Gary spoke to club reps issue  and said it looks like it would be the same people as who are in attendance.
Gary spoke to the issue of combining teams and asked what people thought about the matter.  A discussion of last years alignments took place.  The details of this remain to be seen, depending upon the number of players who actually end up signing up.  
Gary said it would be imperative to get into the schools and try to recruit any possible players.
All of the players need  to get their registration taken care of and get their dues started. The dues will be the same as last year. 
Gary reiterated there are a bunch  of new rules this year, make sure the players and coaches know them.
The next meeting  will be 9/12/2013 at 6:30 at the VFW Northenders.

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