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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLLHH Board of Directors Meeting

February 7, 2013

 February 8th, 2013 at 3:12AM  February 15th, 2013 8:36PM
The LLHH board of directors met with the following members in attendance: President Gary Wells, Vice President Dave Ryan  Heather Dhom - Springfield, Tim Dixon - Chatham,   Kris Wellman - SHG, Frank Earl - Decatur and Jennifer Ybora - Decatur JV; those not in attendance were: Carrie Kmooch Champaign,  Janet Shures - Treasurer.
Gary called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm.  Gary asked for a motion to suspend the reading of the minutes and the treasurer's report.  Under dues Gary asked if there were any players who owed dues?  Heather reported that she had  one player who had not paid. The player will not be allowed to play in the payoffs if they are not paid up by February 28, 2013.
Gary asked Dave Ryan for a report from the disciplinary committee. Dave Ryan reported that he, Carrie and Time spoke with Rebecca Lloyd.  Dave said said that the committee talked with her.   Dave said he asked Ms. Lloyd if she had any issues with the SHG player in question.  She said no.  After explaining her take on the matter, her only complaint was with the officiating.    She explained her position. Dave asked her what was the outcome that she was seeking.   She said she did not know what outcome she desired.   Given that Dave said the committee   recommends  doing nothing.   Gary then asked if there was any further discussion.  There was none.  Gary asked for a motion to accept the committee report.  That motion was made by Kris Wellman and seconded by Heather Dhom.  The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary then discussed some problems with the web site and score sheets. Gary reviewed with the board members the issues that have occurred and how to correct them.
The next matter was the All Star Game. Gary said he had the all star selection from Champaign, Decatur Varsity, and Decatur JV.   Gary said he would need them by Sunday 2/10/2013.
(Updated 2/15/2013) 
Gary said the tentative playoff schedule looks like this
3/4      Four versus Five  7PM
3/4      Three versus Six   8:30 PM
3/6      One versus Lowest ranked  7PM
3/6      Two  versus  second lowest 8:30 PM
3/8      Championship Game     7PM
3/13    All-Star Game   7PM
Gary said he needed someone to do the all star program. Volunteers are welcomed.
Feb 27 will be the Decatur senior night.  Frank explained how that was going to go. The games will be delayed a little bit by this. The second game is going to be from 8:15 until 10 pm.
Gary said the All Star jerseys will be maroon and gold.
Gary reminded all league reps for Rule: 10-G-4. The rule says that if the team has  suspensions in 5 games that team will be fined $100, if it happens again the fine is $150, and an additional occurrence will result in the coach being suspended and would be required to appear before the board
Gary said that Jennifer had a matter to discuss about uniforms. Jennifer said that the Decatur teams wished to display a patch supporting our troops. The patches are to be worn on the left shoulder.  A motion to do so was made by Jennifer and seconded by Frank. The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Gary reminded clubs that they needed to have a $100 check in hand from each senior, at the beginning of any game which could be their last game.   The reason is this,  if a senior in their last game gets a game misconduct, the team will be assessed a $100 fine.
The meeting was closed at 7:30.

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