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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board of Director's Meeting

January 3, 2013

 February 7th, 2013 at 7:26PM
The LLHH Board of Directors met on January  3 Thursday evening at  6:30 p.m. at the VFW Northenders. Those in attendance included President Gary Wells, Vice President Dave Ryan, Treasurer Janet Shures was ill, Tim Dixon GHS,  Frank Earl Decatur,  Dan Wellman SHG,  Carrie Kmoch Champaign, Heather Dohm was unable to attend.
Gary called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.  
Gary said there would be no treasurer's report as Janet was ill.  Gary asked for a motion to accept the minutes posted on the web site.  That motion was made by Tim and seconded by Frank. It passed unanimously.
Gary said that he wanted to discuss some scheduling issues.  Gary told the group that MLK day games had been re-scheduled.    Then he spoke to the Decatur vs Decatur JV matter.   Gary said that the needed to be played to be fair to the entire league.  Gary said last year many other teams complained that about the way that the situation was handled last year.
The next item was dues. Gary said all of the dues had been paid and there was no problems.
Regarding the website Gary said there had been some issues with  Gary said there are some on-going format issues.  He said the log-on issues have been resolved.  
Gary asked how the scoring and music was working.  All of the teams in attendance said that John is doing a great job with everything.
Under new business, Gary asked Dave reported that the committe had not met due to some schedule conflicts.  Dave told the board that they would get  look into the matter at hand.  Dave said he would report back to the board after they had talked to all parties concerned.
Gary said that was all he had to discuss.  He asked if anyone else had any questions or comments.    The meeting was then closed.

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