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Lincoln Land High School Hockey League

LLHH Board Meeting

November 1, 2012

LLHH  November 28th, 2012 at 4:21PM
The LLHH Board of Directors met on Thursday Novemeber 1, 2012 at the VFW Northenders at 6:30 pm. The following members were in attendance: Gary Wells - President, Dave Ryan Vice-President, Janet Shures Treasurer, Frank Earl and Jennifer Ybora - Decatur, Tim Dixon and Mitch Wallner Chatham, Heather Dom -SHS, and Joe Saucier from SHG, Carrie Kmoch - Champaign.
Gary opened the meeting at 6:37 pm. Regarding the minutes Gary wanted added to the website that the dues for the Springfield clubs will be $400. A motion was made by to approve the minutes, with the change noted, by Tim Dixon and seconded by Jennifer Yobora and passed unanimously.
Gary asked for a motion to dispense with the treasurer's report, as Janet arrived at the very momoent the motion was on the floor. The motion was made by Jennifer and seconded by Carrie, and passed on an unimousl voice vote.
Gary reveiew one player change from SHG to Springfield, with that players last name Clemons.
Decatur wanted to add another coach to the DYHA team. Frank Earl asked that Scott Tilton be added. This passed on a motion made by Dave and seconded by Frank. He was appoved unanimously. Another coach was added to the Springfield combined team. Wayne Shures was approved on a motion made by Mitch and seconed by Frank Earl. The vote passed unanimously.
Gary went on to talk about Springfield practice times, and game times. Gary said that he had , emailed out the practice schedule. Gary metnioned there would be no practices on 11/11/2012 due to a Youth Hockey Tournament. Gary said that was the only weekend he was aware of that there would be no practices.
Gary discussed the Catholic Charites game which will take place on December 5 (Wednesday 7PM) followed by a high school game between SHG and Chatham. SHG will handle the gate for both games on that evening.
Regarding the matter of the two Decatur teams, the board has agreed to having the two teams play each other twice early in the season. If the LLHH board determines that the two teams should not play each other again, the LLHH board will decide how to handle the last game at that time.
Gary asked for board members to make sure that had thier Website contact infomration turned into the league. Gary said there were some update that will need to made for the season; the league will get those changes completed prior to the season.
Regarding rules, Gary reiterated that no rules will be changed, once the season commences. Gary said there was one rule change he wanted to see implemented. Gary wanted a rule that ensured that each team, had an adult in each penalty box.
Gary proposed a new rule to deal with the penalty box door. The new rule says.. Each team has to place a responsible adult in the penalty box by the 6 minute mark in the first period. Non compliance will result in a DELAY OF GAMEpenalty at the next stoppage of play. This motion was made by Mitch and seconded by Tim. The new rule passes on a unanimous voice vote.
That wrapped up the board action. There was some other conversation amongst the board members prior to the meeting being closed.
The meeting was closed at 7:20 pm. The next board meeting will be Thursday December 6, 2012.

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